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Our ancestors left us a knowledge of longevity. Since ancient times, people find power and health in SnakePower.We have organised home cobra farm in Vietnam. Cobra venom helps make medicines, that are very good for humans. Cobra venom is highly valued in the market and good price is given for it. We want to increase this business, expand the farm, number of snakes and employees with your help. In 2022 we build The rattlesnake farm. The rattlesnake stands alone as America’s only snake on this list. At least the rattle on the end of it’s tail offers as a warning to those wandering too close. They are a member of the Pit Viper group of snakes and can strike at 2/3rd of their body length. The Eastern Diamondback is North America’s most venomous species. Juveniles are unable to control how much venom they inject, making them more dangerous than the full grown Diamondback. Nearly all types of rattlesnakes have a hemotoxic venom. If you are bit by one, your tissue will be destroyed and organs will degenerate which causes blood clotting. Even after treatment, it is likely that there will be some scarring at the very least. It’s likely that if someone is bit by a rattlesnake, they will die or lose the limb close to where the bite occurred. If a rattlesnake bite is untreated, they are more often than not, fatal. If anti venom is administered quickly enough, the death rate is reduced to about 4%.Use our referral program and earn up to 0.50% of referral deposits!Our first level referral bonuses:
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