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Added: Mar 30th, 2023
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When you invest with us and trade the FX markets with NITROBUX, you trade using CFD products. Contracts For Difference (CFDs) enable us to take advantage of price movements in an underlying asset, for example EURUSD, without needing to physically hold the currency we are buying or selling. All currency pair trades involve the buying or selling of one currency priced in another. There is a base currency and a quote currency. We know how to do it! Typically, you’d need 100,000 units of any base currency to open a standard trade in the underlying foreign exchange market. But with the benefits of investing in NITROBUX, you can trade this same amount with as little as 1 dollar. Forex CFD trading allows us to increase your exposure to highly liquid financial markets without excessive capital requirements. At NITROBUX, you can open investments with notional values as low as one dollar of base currency. With our investment platform, you can lock in profits automatically. Simply set your targets and let the markets do the work for you. If your trades don’t go your way, invest with us to restrict your losses and manage your risk like a professional trader. Remember, CFD trading is risky. You should leave it in the hands of professionals like us. Just as the markets could agree with your point of view, the price of an instrument may move in a direction which results in a losing trade. In the example above, we noted a depreciation in EURUSD, but it could just as easily appreciate as a result of other factors in the market. Managing risk appropriately is an important aspect of trading volatile instruments like FX. The same applies for crypto.

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